The working departments of the ÖH are also called “Referate”. 

There are following departments:

Main Department

We – that’s Nina, Sarah and Simon – are sitting in the main office of the federal representation of the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH).

Public Relations | Press | Progress Department

No matter whether you are holding an ÖH service brochure in your hand, surfing our website or reading about ÖH positions in the newspaper: The Department for Public Relations of the ÖH-Bundesvertretung always has its fingers in the pie.

The department of Economic Affairs (“WiRef”) takes care of everything that has to do with money, contracts, grants, payments, reimbursements, the ÖH insurance and the like. It is, so to speak, the “Ministry of Finance” of the ÖH.

Education Policy Department

The Department for Educational Policy is responsible for the educational policy agendas of the ÖH and is established at the ÖH Federal Council according to § 36 Abs 2 Z 1 Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaftsgesetz 2014 (HSG). During the consultation hours listed below, you can receive advice free of charge and without an appointment.

Departments for Social Policy

The department for social policy of the Federal Austrian Students Union (ÖH) provides information, gives advice and intervenes on behalf of students that are in a difficult social situation. Consultation, as well as all offered services are free of charge! You can visit us personally or call us during our consultation hours.

Guidance Counselling for Students and Prospective Students

We offer course guidance for students and prospective students. We also organise and coordinate school visitsStudieren Probieren and a comprehensive online course plattform

Department for foreign students

The Department for Foreign Students is happy to offer free counseling for anyone who is already studying at an Austrian university or who wants to start studying here. We will help you with problems concerning your residence permit or visa, admission to studies, acquisition of German language skills, questions about tuition fees and other difficulties.

Department for Universities of Applied Sciences

You are currently enrolled at a University of Applied Science (UAS), or in the process of choosing your higher academic institution and wondering if an UAS could be the right choice for you?

Pedagogical Affairs Department

The educational landscape in Austria is diverse and especially students at teacher training colleges and student teachers are confronted with special conditions.

Department of International Affairs

The department of International Affairs represents the interests of the students studying in Austria in international committees and working groups. Additionally, we support and advise you in planning and organizing stays abroad.

Department for feminist politics

The Department for Feminist Politics sees itself as a platform for the support and dissemination of information on (queer) feminist issues as well as a networking opportunity for feminist work in and outside the ÖH.

Department for Human Rights and Social Policy

General policy is policy that affects everyone. Whether it is anti-racist work or political earthquakes: The Human Rights and Department for Social Policy has an eye on them. We stand for the general political mandate of the ÖH.

Department for environment and climate policy

The Department for environment and climate policy ensures that environment and climate protection plays a central role for the Federal Austrian Students Union (ÖH) and makes an effort to increase climate justice at Austrian colleges.

Department for Inclusive Education

The office for accessibility and inclusive education advocates for the empowerment of students, who are hindered by universities in their self-determination.

Queer Department

The Queer Department sees itself as a contact point for student representatives at universities throughout Austria, queer people and their supporters.