Universities of education

Since the legal representative bodies at the universities of teacher education (PH) are not endowed with legal personality, the Economic Department of the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH) takes care of their financial affairs together with the respective PH chairpersons. 

Here you will find all the information about how your PH representative can get the money they are entitled to:

In principle, the Student Union Act (HSG) stipulates that only the chairperson of the university representative body can sign on its behalf. Therefore, in principle, all forms can only be submitted by the elected chairperson. In order to know that he/she has actually been elected, we need a confirmation of the election from the person who has been designated to conduct the election on behalf of the maintainer. Please send the original of the necessary form to the Economic Department of the ÖH-Bundesvertretung.

For all legal transactions, we ask you to contact the Business Department beforehand. If individual legal transactions involve an amount in excess of 400 euros, three independent (and comparable) offers must always be obtained and submitted to us before a decision is made. Since we can only refund against original invoices, it is recommended that you keep a copy for security when you send the documents to the Business Department. Please note that only correctly and completely submitted receipts can be refunded. All settlements are subject to the Financial Procedure Guidelines as amended. In addition, the representative bodies at PHs, just like the ÖH-Bundesvertretung, are subject to the management principles of the HSG 2014 in its current version (as amended) as well as the guidelines of the Control Commission.

If this form is used, an unpaid invoice can be settled directly by the federal agency:

If an invoice has already been paid, this form must be used for reimbursement:


All resolutions of university councils shall be documented on this form.

Contract for work and fee invoice

If work contracts and fee notes are charged in combination, the forms of the ÖH-Bundesvertretung must be used, as the contract is formally concluded with the ÖH-Bundesvertretung.

Refunding of motor vehicle costs

This form is used for reimbursement of journeys by private motor vehicle. For the driver 0,18 Euro per kilometer and for the passengers 0,08 Euro per kilometer are paid. These amounts are a lump-sum reimbursement of costs. therefore no other costs (such as tolls, fuel, etc.) can be refunded.

Aconto requirement

As the chairperson of a PH student council, you are entitled to an account up to a maximum of 1,500 euros. The purpose of this account is to enable users to carry out cash transactions themselves without having to dip into their own pockets. The chairperson is fully responsible for the amount until the end of his/her function and must finally transfer the account back to us in full.

Request for reduction of the number of hours

As a student representative, you are entitled to a reduction of the number of hours, i.e. the crediting of your ÖH activities as supplementary studies.

Contact for questions

Feel free to contact us before filling out or submitting:

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