Study abroad

Globalization and internationalization have long since affected the education sector as well. Almost every student today considers studying abroad for a semester or longer. Foreign languages and knowledge of European contexts are increasingly becoming a prerequisite for the job market. However, being on your own for half a year and exploring another country is not only an experience for your future career, it is also an experience for life. The understanding of other cultures, conditions and historical developments can also make a significant contribution against chauvinism and nationalism, but also to personal development. Such an understanding seems more necessary than ever, not only in view of the developments in Austrian society.

But what is the best way to approach the “project” of studying abroad? Where can I find the relevant information, when do I start planning and where do I want to go in the first place? These questions are answered in the brochure “Studying Abroad” – if you have further questions, please contact the International Affairs Office of the ÖH-Bundesvertretung.