Scholarships and grants

In Austria, there are federal grants, state grants, grants from individual universities, and other scholarships.

It is often difficult to maintain an overview here. Therefore, it is important to inform yourself in time. Detailed information on the eligibility requirements and conditions of the various federal grants, such as the study grant, the self-employment grant, the study completion grant, the mobility grant or the study support can be found in our social brochure, which you can download or order free of charge in the ÖH-Shop.

For further questions, please contact the social department of your university under ÖH-Sozialreferate vor Ort or the social department of the Bundesvertretung der Österreichischen Hochschüler_innenschaft (ÖH) under Sozialberatung. You can find the application form for student aid and other important forms in the forms section of the Social Services Department.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that ALL students apply for student aid. Information and tips on how to apply can be found here. The homepage of the Student Aid Office, which decides on applications for student aid, can be found here: Homepage of the Study Grant Authority.

Furthermore, in cooperation with the Chamber of Labor, the ÖH offers you a tool for the (pre)calculation of the state study grant, the study subsidy (tuition fee) and the insurance cost contribution. You can find the calculator here: Scholarship Calculator.