UPDATE! Job search for Ukrainian refugees: You can find more information at

Employment law regulations are often complicated and the associated legal questions cannot be answered clearly at first glance. Therefore, it is important to inform yourself in time. You can find detailed information about “Working” in our brochure Studying, Working, Social Security. You can download the brochure or order a print version free of charge in our ÖH-Shop.

Did you lose your job? Here you can find the appropriate AK brochure: Unemployed – what now? In it, you will find a lot of important information on topics such as unemployment benefits, educational leave, part-time education and minimum income.

You can find helpful brochures from the Chamber of Labor (AK) on the topic of “income tax” here: Save Tax 2022, Tax Tips for Parents, Tax Tips for Students

Do you have regular income from several dependent activities? With the AK’s online additional earnings calculator, you can calculate any future additional payments in advance: Additional income calculator

Are you unsure about your new employer and fear that something is not right? The Ministry of Finance has published a list of bogus companies: List of bogus companies

Are you or a colleague affected by bullying? Here you can find information from the Chamber of Labor: Initiative of the AK: Don’t look away!

If you have further questions, please contact the social department of your university under ÖH vor Ort or the social department of the federal representation of the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH) under Sozialberatung. In addition, specialized bodies such as the workers chamber (AK) and labor unions can help with detailed questions. It is best to make an appointment with your workers chamber.