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Prescription fee waiver without application

The exemption applies to all dependents of the insured person. Eligible for prescription fee waivers without application:

  • Pensioners entitled to a compensatory allowance (exception: SVA for farmers) or recipients of a supplementary allowance to a retirement or pension benefit.
  • People with communicable diseases with disclosure requirements (however, the exemption applies only to this disease).
  • Civilian servants and their families.
  • Asylum seekers.

Prescription fee waiver upon request

The application can be submitted directly to the health insurance company together with the current proof of income. The prescription fee exemption is granted upon application if the net income of all people living in a household does not exceed certain guideline rates. You can find more information in our social brochure.

Exemption from the deductible for medical aids and appliances

  • Insured persons and eligible dependents do not have to contribute to the costs of remedies and aids if they are exempt from prescription charges.
  • Children who have not yet reached the age of 15 or for insured people or dependents who are entitled to increased family allowance regardless of age.

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