There is often the misconception that every student in Austria is automatically covered by health insurance – but this is NOT the case! If there is no compulsory insurance based on gainful employment above the marginal earnings threshold and the requirements for co-insurance are not (or no longer) met, you are not covered by health insurance. In case of illness, you would have to bear the costs for doctors or hospitalization yourself. Therefore, in such a case, you should take out self-insurance in health insurance.

You can find important information on the topic of “social security” in our social brochure and in our brochure Studying, Working and Social Security, which you can download, read or order as a print version in the ÖH-Shop.

If you have further questions, please contact the social department of your university under ÖH-Sozialreferate vor Ort or the social department of the Bundesvertretung der Österreichischen Hochschüler_innenschaft (ÖH) under Social Policy. You can also find links to application forms for various insurances in the Forms section of the Social Services Department.

ÖH Insurance
The ÖH insurance is to be distinguished from the health insurance. The ÖH-Versicherung is NOT a health insurance and therefore never replaces it! As an ÖH member, you are insured against accidents and liability with the ÖH insurance exclusively within the scope of your studies.

Accident insurance according to ASVG
Students are automatically covered by free statutory accident insurance. The insurance coverage refers to accidents in connection with studies. You can find further information and contact persons on this topic under Further information on ASVG accident insurance.