Queer_Feminist Library

The joint library of Queer_Referat and the Department for Feminist Politics

The offer

You can find most of our media in the catalog.

Main focus

In general, we mainly collect current publications as well as evergreens on feminist and queer topics. We try to get as many works as possible in German translation to make the books more accessible. Currently, the library has the following focus areas:

  • Children’s books
    Books that address issues that do not conform to the white, Christian, heterosexual, and_or two-gender norm. For example, on rainbow families, adoption, or with role models that don’t lock children into gender stereotypes. Maybe you still need books as gifts for kids in the circle of acquaintances or family and want to see what’s available off the mainstream? Or directly read some to children? Or just read yourself, because children’s books are great and colorful!

  • Comics
    Comics, Mangas, Graphic Novels. We collect mainly German-language, primarily on queer topics and_or with great heroines.

  • Inter, Trans and Non-Binary
    On the topics of inter, trans and non-binary we also collect, but still have far too few books. Especially few that are low-threshold and not reference books. If you have any acquisition suggestions, feel free to email us at queer@oeh.ac.at or at femref@oeh.ac.at.

If the library is still missing feminist and queer books, comics, magazines, etc. that you would like to read, just write to us at queer@oeh.ac.at or at femref@oeh.ac.at and we will see if what you are missing might not fit in the library.

Opening hours

During the opening hours of the ÖH Bundesvertretung you can just drop by, choose what you like and just write an email to queer@oeh.ac.at or femref@oeh.ac.at with your contact details and the borrowed works.
We trust each other that no books disappear and many people benefit from the offer!


The library shelf is located in front of the joint Queer_Fem office in the ÖH Bundesvertretung: Taubstummengasse 7-9, 1040 Vienna. Just ring the doorbell (ÖH reception), this will open it, then take the elevator to the 4th floor and press the door opener for the wing on the right. Don’t be shy, knock and go in. If you use a wheelchair, you can enter the premises via the courtyard to the right of the post office.

Have books & co. sent to you!

If you don’t have the possibility to drop by during opening hours (either because you don’t have time, can’t leave the house or simply don’t live in Vienna), the media will come to you – free of charge, of course. Just send us an email with your book/DVD/magazine/etc. wishes and your address to queer@oeh.ac.at or at femref@oeh.ac.at. Please plan a little time, depending on the loan status and the workload of the Austrian Student Union (ÖH), the shipping may be delayed. By the way, you do not have to pay for the return shipping yourself.