A variety of organizations offer the opportunity to do an internship abroad or will be happy to help you organize your internship.

The following internship organizations specialize in students of specific majors:

  • AIESEC for students of economic fields of study
  • ELSA for lawyers
  • IAAS for students of agricultural economics majors
  • IAESTE for students of technical fields of study
  • AMSA for medical students


“Erasmus+ is the most successful education program in the European Union. Year after year, it opens the door to universities, companies and organizations in other European countries and beyond for more than 5,500 students from Austria. Around 1,000 teachers and other members of Austrian universities go abroad with Erasmus+ every year. In addition, Erasmus+ promotes international cooperation between universities as well as projects that universities advance with non-academic partner organizations.” (OEAD, 2020)

European Voluntary Service (EVS)

In the European Voluntary Service (EVS), anyone aged 18 to 25 can apply for a community service project in another EU country. The projects last 6-12 months. During the project, accommodation and meals are provided, as well as a monthly pocket money of approximately EUR 170. At the same time there is health, accident and liability insurance

Internships with EU institutions

You can find more detailed information and contact points in our brochure “Studying Abroad” or at the Euro-Job-Information of the Federal Chancellery.

There is also a separate database for internships at international organizations .

An overview of different internship opportunities in Europe and a detailed link list can be found at the European Youth Portal. Information is also available from the Ministry of Economics’ Internship Abroad Portal or the European Summer Job Exchange. You can also find more information about internships abroad on the Jugendinfo website.