Federal Representation

All financial procedures within the Federal Representation of the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH) are regulated in the Financial Regulations of the ÖH Federal Representation.
Here you can find all information about the financial management on the level of the ÖH-Bundesvertretung as well as the guideline for applications for the ÖH-money pot for educational political engagement.

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In the case of reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs, the guidelines for the reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs must be observed.

Furthermore, the guidelines of the Control Commission including current amendments (“Annex Service Contracts” and “Annex Business Operations” and “Annex Procedure for the Allocation of Rooms and the Payment of Contributions to Administrative Expenses”) also apply to the ÖH-Bundesvertretung. The Control Commission is a supervisory body of the ÖH established in § 52 of the Austrian National Union of Students Act (HSG). Their task is to check the management of the ÖH and the ÖHs at the universities and their business enterprises.

This form can be used to reimburse expenses that have already been incurred:

This form is used for reimbursement of journeys by private motor vehicle. For the driver 0,18 Euro per kilometer and for the passengers 0,08 Euro per kilometer will be paid (according to the rules of the ÖH Bundesvertretung). These amounts are a lump-sum reimbursement of costs. Therefore, no other costs (such as tolls, fuel, etc.) will be refunded.

If you want or are supposed to do a work for the ÖH-Bundesvertretung (e.g. layouting a flyer, playing music at a party, etc.), you have to fill out this form beforehand. This is the only way you can put a fee note afterwards.

This form can only be used if a work contract already exists with the ÖH-Bundesvertretung. Then, after completion of the work, the fee note can be submitted.

If you have written a piece for the ÖH magazine, the Progress, please fill out the following form.

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Please note that the accounting rules in force at the time the costs were incurred are to be applied (performance period principle).