Mental Health Group Services

Unfortunately there are no groups held in English at the moment.


In the winter semester of 2022/2023, we will offer one Mental Health group for students in Vienna only in german:

  • “My studies in balance”




In times of pandemic, stress, pressure and feelings of isolation increase among students. Together we learn methods of stress reduction, relaxation and relief. The group offer does not replace therapy, rather it is intended to function as a bridging and relief option.
The offer is aimed at students who feel burdened and stressed by the pandemic and/or studies and want to learn techniques and methods to better cope with stress. The group aims to be resource-strengthening and relaxing for the participants. Students can also benefit from exchanging ideas with each other.

Contents and Objectives:

  • Improve stress perception
  • Body awareness
  • Methods of stress reduction / relaxation methods
  • artistic relief exercises
  • playful exercises in the group
  • Space for exchange and community
  • Self-awareness


Group size:

max. 12 people


Dates and duration:

every 2 weeks, Thursdays 17:00-19:00,
Entry: only possible in October

  1. Date: Introduction to the group; What is stress? Progressive muscle relaxation
  2. Date: body awareness; body scan; breathing exercise
  3. Appointment: Beliefs; mental stress patterns; guided relaxation.
  4. Appointment: Resources, what strengthens me? Relaxation: Imagination
  5. Date: Perception and enjoyment, mindfulness, relaxation with all senses.
  6. Date: stress and emotions, expressive writing, artistic relaxation exercise.
  7. Appointment: Appreciation and Self Care, guided relaxation.
  8. Date: Free hour, which we will design according to your needs and wishes.



ÖH of the Federal Representation,
Taubstummengasse 7-9, 1040 Vienna
in the conference room, 2nd floor



Employees of the ÖH with appropriate education/studies



If you are curious, send us a short email introducing yourself and telling us why you are interested:


Participation isfree of charge .


In times of pandemic…

…we will adhere to the statutory regulations and give you timely information in this regard.


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