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The Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH) has access to all students in Austria, including students at universities of education, universities of applied sciences and private universities, as well as the Danube University Krems. Due to the requirements of the Student Union Act, the ÖH receives the data of all students directly from the universities and thus has the best student database in Austria. This ensures that the target group is reached optimally.

The status of the ÖH as the legal representation of interests of all students and the self-image of being the most important service institution for students provides a positive and, above all, credible environment for student services. This positive environment for advertising partners is also underscored by the ÖH’s professional standards for the content and appearance of all communication channels.
The range of communication channels, from classic print products such as PROGRESS magazine and numerous themed brochures as well as Austria’s largest student portal, enables an individual communication mix.

The site, which is continuously updated by its own web editors, not only offers up-to-date information, but also draws on an archive of over 10,000 texts. With around 200,000 unique clients per month*, is almost on a par with In addition, the homepage offers the advantage of a very specific target and user group. Approximately 80% of the visitors are students*. – Extensive information and services on the topics of studying (e.g.: starting studies, scholarships, grants…), living and working (e.g.: job and apartment exchange)

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– Press information and archive

make THE student portal.

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Main banner in body text (468 x 60 px): 800 Euro/week

*collected by Datenwerk in May 2006.


PROGRESS is the magazine of the Austrian National Union of Students and is published nationwide at all universities and colleges with a circulation of 120,000 copies. Of these, 80,000 are sent directly by mail to the addresses of the study locations, while the rest are distributed by hand or placed in the dining halls and at the local university student associations. Our target-group-oriented editorial team, dedicated reporting and visually appealing appearance also ensure a high level of reader loyalty and make PROGRESS a permanent fixture in student life.

Technical data PROGRESS:

Format: 267 x 350
Circulation: 120,000
Pcs. Publication: 6 x per year
Columns: four/three-column
Paper: 54 g LWC or 52 g UPM brite 76
Volume: 40 pages
Color: 4c

Progress ad prices

Progress core envelope

1/1 page € 5.971,- € 6.477,-
1/2 page € 3.271,- € 3.444,-
1/4 page € 1.675,- € 1.809,-

Format (in mm):

1/1 page: 280 x 350
1/2 page: 280 x 175
1/4 page: 140 x 175

Supplements to the Progress are also possible. Quotations for this depend on the weight of the insert and are provided individually and on request.

Media data Progress (as of June 2015)


The brochures of the Austrian National Union of Students are topic-specific publications that are published nationwide at all universities and colleges. Staff members of the various units of the ÖH guarantee well-founded, well-researched and committed editorial work.

On the one hand, the ÖH produces service brochures in which students can find important information and contact points on topics such as “Studying and Living” or “Studying with Children”; on the other hand, the ÖH’s brochures on content (e.g. on educational economization) are important reference works for students.

The ÖH produces several brochures in the course of an academic year. Depending on the main topic, the ÖH brochures are important sources of information and companions for students and round off the range of services offered by the ÖH.

Technical data brochures:

Format: 148 x 210
Print: cover 4c, core 1c
Scope: zw. 30 and 140 pages

Advertising rates brochures
(Prices apply in each case per 1,000 pcs. circulation)

U2/U3 (1/1 A5 page, 4c): € 280,-.
U2/U3 (1/2 A5 page, 4c): € 142,-.
Inside (1/1 A5 page, b/w): € 186,-.
Inside (1/2 A5 page, b/w): € 112,-.


The terms and conditions set forth in the respective valid advertising price lists and the written order placement shall be authoritative. For issues not expressly regulated, the General Terms and Conditions of Advertising of the Österr. Magazine Association.

The Federal Representation of the Austrian National Union of Students reserves the right to refuse orders or individual advertisements within the scope of an order without giving reasons. The rejection will be communicated to the _ the client _ in. However, sexist, racist and homophobic ad subjects will be rejected in any case. Advertisers are solely responsible for the content of the advertisements. They shall fully indemnify and hold harmless the Federal Representation of the Austrian National Union of Students against claims of third parties.

The timely delivery of print documents is the responsibility of _ the client _ in. The Federal Representation of the Austrian National Union of Students assumes no liability for impairments caused by printing material damaged or lost in the mail.

The Federal Representation of the Austrian National Union of Students can only guarantee flawless reproduction if flawless and complete print documents are supplied.

If defects in the print documents are not immediately recognizable, but only during the printing process, the _ client _ in shall not be entitled to compensation. A claim for compensation exists only if the quality of the insertion is significantly impaired.

It is limited with the net value of the insertion. Further claims are excluded. A claim for replacement exists only within eight days after publication of the advertisement and not in the case of telephone transmission or subsequent changes to the text of the advertisement.

In the event of operational disruptions or cases of force majeure, the Federal Representation of the Austrian National Union of Students shall be entitled to full payment for the published advertisement if 75% of the guaranteed print run is delivered. Otherwise, the Federal Representation of the Austrian National Union of Students will offer to make up the date at a later date.

Ads that are not clearly recognizable as such will be marked with an appropriate notice.

Upon request, we will prepare the design, text, graphics and images for an advertisement at cost price. For use in other media, the rights must be obtained from the Federal Representation of the Austrian National Union of Students. Typesetting, repro and litho costs are not part of the advertising price and will be charged separately.

Voucher copies (2 pieces) will be sent with the invoice. Invoices are due immediately upon receipt. In the event of late payment, the client undertakes to pay interest on arrears of 14% p.a., calculated from the due date, plus all reminder charges and legal fees.

Taxes and 5% advertising tax are added to all prices. In the event of order cancellation before the advertising deadline, 15% of the advertising price will be charged. In the event of order cancellation after the advertising deadline (if still technically possible), the full advertising price will be charged.

The Federal Representation of the Austrian National Union of Students reserves the right to demand advance payments.

Invoice complaints can be made up to 14 days after receipt of the invoice. Placement requests can only be considered upon payment of a placement surcharge. There is generally a right to push inserts and tip-ons.
Invoices are payable and actionable in Vienna. The place of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be the competent courts in Vienna.