Research Funding Actions

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture has compiled all scholarships awarded by the federal government, state governments, industry, scientific institutions, etc. to promote and finance theses and dissertations in a thick brochure.


If you have not yet completed a stay abroad through ERASMUS, you can also apply for an Erasmus place to write your thesis. For more information, see our brochure “Studying Abroad” or contact the Socrates National Agency.

Scholarship for short-term scientific work abroad

For short-term scientific work abroad you can apply for financial support at your university. These grants mainly concern diploma theses, dissertations or scientific work (laboratory work, field research, activities in archives, libraries, etc.). For more information, please contact the international office of your university/academy/college.

Scholarship for diploma theses and dissertations

This scholarship is awarded by the dean _ dean of the respective faculty several times a year. Support is intended to cover only the costs incurred in writing a thesis or dissertation. This means that a stay abroad is not necessarily required to receive the scholarship.

An overview of all current scholarships can be found in the ÖAD database.