Colleges of education and universities

No tuition fees are paid by students at Austrian universities and universities of teacher education

  • Austrian citizens,
  • EU citizens,
  • Persons who, on the basis of an international treaty, are to be granted the same rights of access to the profession as Austrian nationals, or
  • regular students who are covered by the Ordinance on Groups of Persons, as well as
  • Regular students from third countries who have a residence permit OTHER than that for students.

provided that they do not exceed the scheduled period of study by more than two semesters. After exceeding it, you have to pay a tuition fee of 363.36 euros for each semester. The tuition fee increases by 10% if paid within the grace period.

ATTENTION: Regular students from third countries who do not have the same status and have a residence permit for students have to pay a (double) tuition fee of 726,72 Euro per semester. For them, the grounds for remission and restitution usually do not apply.

Associate students must also pay tuition.

The scheme is implemented as follows:
– Universities and colleges of education must check with their students whether the scheduled period of study has been exceeded by more than two semesters.
– Students who have not exceeded the non-contributory period are not required to pay tuition. These students only have to pay the so-called student contribution (“ÖH-Beitrag”).
– Newly admitted regular students do not have to pay tuition, as they cannot have exceeded the scheduled period of study yet.
– All those students who have exceeded the non-contributory period are to be charged the tuition fee (in addition to the “ÖH fee”) as part of the notification of continuation of studies.
– Students who are admitted to more than one study program – either at the same university or at another university – must pay the tuition fee as soon as an obligation to pay the fee arises in one of the studies and no reason for waiver exists. This also applies to students admitted to a teacher training program established jointly with a college of education. However, in the case of multiple studies, there is the possibility of reimbursement under certain conditions (see below).

The tuition fee is to be WAIVED if you have exceeded the above study period, but.
– you have demonstrably been prevented from studying for more than 2 months in one semester due to illness or pregnancy, or you have devoted most of your time to caring for children (up to the age of 7 or any later school entry).
– if a disability of at least 50% has been determined.
– If you received student aid last semester or are currently receiving it.

IMPORTANT: Students who are on leave of absence do not have to pay tuition fees!

The following documents must be submitted to prove a reason for remission:
– Preventing studies for more than two months due to illness or pregnancy: confirmation by a medical specialist
– Predominant care of children: Birth certificate of the child, registration certificate of the child and of the student taking care of the child, affidavit of the student that the child is mainly taken care of by him/her.
– Disability: Disability pass from the Federal Social Office
– Study grant: decision of the study grant authority

In cases of doubt, the tuition fee should be paid in time, otherwise the admission to the study program could expire. The refund of a tuition fee already paid, which should not have been paid according to the mentioned rules, can be applied for at the respective university or university of teacher education.

In the event of a change of program, the tuition-free period for the new program is calculated independently. Thus, counting usually begins again at the 1st semester. The same applies to starting a new degree program after completing a previous degree program.

In contrast to family and study allowances, working for the Österreichische Hochschüler_schaft (ÖH) does not lead to a waiver of the tuition fee. However, some universities have exceptions in their bylaws. Check with your local ÖH!

Students who complete semesters abroad due to mandatory provisions of the curricula or as part of mobility programs continue to be exempt from tuition fees. Similarly, special provisions continue to be made for students from least developed countries.

Situation at universities of applied sciences

For students at universities of applied sciences, the UAS providers may collect a tuition fee in the amount of 363.36 euros per semester. This amount is independent of the length of study and is collected by many sustainers. In the case of multiple studies at a university of applied sciences and a university, the tuition fee may have to be paid more than once. Studying at a university of applied sciences is not a waiver for paying tuition at a university.

Situation at private universities

The legal relationship between students and the private university is governed by private law. Therefore, the amount of tuition fees at this type of higher education institution is also not subject to any legal restriction. More detailed regulations in this regard could be contained in the respective training contract, which becomes binding when signed by the student.

Refunding for multiple studies

Students who are enrolled in at least two fields of study and who have earned at least 15 ECTS credits (8 ECTS credits for doctoral studies) in all of their fields of study in the semester in question can apply to the Ministry of Science for a refund of tuition fees. Credit courses do NOT count towards the transcript of records as defined in Section 78 of the University Act 2002. You can find the application and relevant policy below.

IMPORTANT: An application for refund for the winter semester must be submitted by April 30, for the summer semester by November 30. There is no legal claim to the refund!