As the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH), we would like to offer advice and information on topics that may affect you during your studies. Here you will find information on various relevant topics:

  • Start of studies: Here you will find important information about the start of your studies.

  • Tuition fee: Under certain conditions, a tuition fee, also called tuition, must be paid in Austria. You can find out when this applies to you here.

  • Barrier-free studying: You can find information about accessibility in this section.

  • Studying with a child: Students with children face special challenges. Here students with a child can find helpful information on the topic.

  • Study abroad: Find out here if you would like to study abroad.

  • Studying in Austria: If you want to come to Austria to study, there are some important things to consider. Here you can find more information.

  • Working: If you want to work alongside your studies, there are some legal regulations to be observed. It is best to find out about labor, social security and tax issues in advance.

  • Housing: Here you will find important information on the topics of tenancy law, living in a student dormitory and a list of selected non-profit student dormitories in Austria.

  • Mobility: Information on the topics of mobility and student tickets.

  • Insurance: Being insured is especially important. As a member of the ÖH you are covered by accident and liability insurance. However, this does not replace the necessary health insurance. You can find more information here.

  • Family allowance: Here you will find general information on family allowance.

  • Scholarships and grants: Scholarships have a great importance for students. Here you will find information on various scholarships and grants offered by universities, the individual German states, other scholarships and useful links. In our “Social Brochure” and our brochure “Studying, Working, Social Security” under Shop/Downloads you will find further important information.

  • Other information about saving money: Get information on prescription fee waivers and social markets here.

  • Mental Health: Here you can find the ÖH brochure “Mental Health” as well as contact points and the link to the ÖH helpline.