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Due to Covid-19, counseling is primarily available via phone or e-mail. If there is an urgent and exceptional situation requiring personal counseling, a face-to-face meeting may be scheduled during our counseling hours. Please be aware that you need to make an appointment with the respective department within the counseling hours (via phone or e-mail) first. Personal counseling without appointment is not possible. Please observe the following rules of conduct here.

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A 1000 Questions about Studying in Austria

Below you can find a list of topics, in which our experts offer support and counseling, personalle or via telephon:

Counseling for students and prospective students

  • General Questions, Choice of Studies, Enrollment Conditions, Getting started with your studies
  • Studying Abroad, Exchange Programs

Social Counseling

  • Tenancy Law Counseling, Counseling on Homes for Students
  • Family-Assistance, Study-Assistance, Grants, Social Funds, Studying With Kids
  • Internship, Labor Law, Consumer Protection Laws

Higher Education Regulations

  • Study Law, Study Fees, Exams, Enrollment Restrictions
  • Becoming a Teacher, Change of Studies for Teachers
  • Formation-Contracts (Universities of applied science)

Counseling - Students from abroad

  • Studying in Austria, Residence Permit, Access to the Labor Market, Language Courses and Language Requirements
  • Counseling in Arabic, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, English, Farsi, French, German, Kurdish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Turkmenian

Counseling - Inclusive Education

  • General Information on Inclusive and Accessible Education, Differing Methods in Exams, Financial Support
  • Empowerment and Networking for affected students
  • Evaluation of Accessible policies of different Higher Education Institutions