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Knocked over an expensive measuring device in the university lab? Walked into a glass door at the College of Education? Accidentally destroyed a computer at the technical college? Broke a leg at the USI ski course? 

Everything is half as bad, at least from a financial point of view. For only 70 cents, all members of the Österreichische Hochschüler_innenschaft (ÖH) enjoy comprehensive accident and liability insurance with Generali Versicherungs AG, which covers (almost) all eventualities.

The facts at a glance

Important info: Dear students! Please note that the ÖH-Versicherung is not a health insurance and therefore does not replace it under any circumstances! Especially for stays abroad of limited duration (e.g. for a semester abroad), we therefore strongly recommend taking out your own (private) health insurance for abroad, incl. insurance cover. Return transport to Austria. Below you will find a link to calculate and purchase an international health insurance especially for students from our partner Generali.

Information hotline and e-mail addresses of Generali for claims reports, insurance confirmations and general questions about ÖH insurance.

Am I insured?

As a member of the ÖH, you are covered by accident and liability insurance for the entire semester by paying your ÖH fee. However, if you have not paid in during a semester for any reason, you are only covered until the end of the grace period for the following semester (for the winter semester: March 31, for the summer semester: October 31). As a rule of thumb, you are covered as long as your student ID is still valid.

Important note: The ÖH is the policyholder, i.e. the contractual partner of Generali Versicherungs AG (also called the insurer), but you are the insured person!

Therefore, you must also take care of any insurance coverage yourself. The ÖH takes care of the smoothest possible handling of your case in the background and is available as a mediator for problems and complaints. However, you must file the claim yourself.

Subsidiary validity: The ÖH insurance only applies if you do not have your own private accident and/or liability insurance or if you already have confirmation from your private insurance that they will not cover your case = will not pay. Only then will Generali check whether your case is covered by ÖH insurance or not. Therefore, you must also indicate the policy number of any other existing private accident and/or liability insurance policies on the form under “Insurance exists with” when reporting the claim. Note: In Austria, liability insurance is included in the household insurance by default; also note that you might still be insured by your parents in their household insurance (often the case until the age of 27).

Insurance confirmations

For semesters abroad, clinical internships or excursions, you often need confirmation of valid accident or liability insurance. ÖH can issue this confirmation to you (electronically only) in German and English on behalf of Generali Versicherungs AG. Send us an e-mail (subject: confirmation) with your enrollment confirmation to studierendenversicherung@oeh.ac.at and add the following data.

Is my damage covered by insurance?
In principle, all accidents and damages that may occur during the course of studies are covered. From a spatial point of view, this mainly concerns universities, PHs, FHs, PUs and student houses of the ÖH or student dormitories according to the Student Dormitory Act. Accidents and damage occurring in the course of events directly related to studies, such as excursions, trips, USI courses, ÖH events or internships or clinical placements are covered by the insurance. Voluntary clinical rotations are also included. In addition, the routes to and from the buildings, sites and activities mentioned are also included. The journey from the places just mentioned to the nearest supermarket is also insured, as long as it is to satisfy a need of daily life, such as buying a snack. By the way, the insurance coverage also applies to semesters abroad and extends to almost the entire world. Below you will also find the insurance policy to read through.

Important info: : There is NO insurance coverage for liability claims in the USA, Australia and Canada.

The damage report
If a damage occurs, the next step is to report the damage using the special damage form to oeh-versicherung.at@generali.com. It is best to include all available documents, evidence, police reports, etc. at this point – this will facilitate and shorten the settlement process. You must send a current confirmation of enrollment in any case. However, always keep a copy of the documents with you, otherwise you will not know later what you have already sent.
Claims settlement

From the moment the claim is reported, the insurer takes over the case and informs you about the further steps. It is the insurer’s responsibility to either prove the absence of an insurable loss or to pay for the loss. With this special regulation (reversed burden of proof), the settlement should be facilitated for you. You must provide all documents and information requested by the insurer, which only you can obtain, in a timely manner (within four weeks, unless there is a special impediment) – otherwise this special right expires. For details, please refer to the contract terms and conditions.

Payment / Settlement

Once the case has been processed, either payment is made or the case is rejected. To ensure that only legitimate cases are rejected, ÖH has written a special clause into the insurance contract. This provides that you can contact the ÖH after a – in your opinion unjustified – rejection, so that they discuss your case again together with the project team of the insurer. If you want to get back to it, send an email to. wiref@oeh.ac.at. Your data will of course be treated confidentially!
If you have a question about a completed or pending claim, simply contact the email address you received in the initial information or payment information.

Important info: Unfortunately, the ÖH insurance cannot cover all possible eventualities. For this reason, the ÖH is working with the insurer to develop insurance products specially tailored to the needs of students (e.g. musical instrument insurance or rotational doctor insurance). If there are any agreements about such additional packages, you will be able to read about it on our website soon.

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You need a health insurance for your semester abroad?

At Generali, you can calculate and take out your international health insurance online even shortly before you leave: Click here.
You can find all information about insurance coverage here.

You want to secure the contents of your home?
You can also calculate and take out household/personal liability insurance online with Generali. Click here.

For other insurance products not related to ÖH-Versicherung, please contact Generali’s customer service.
If you are interested in other insurance products, Generali’s customer service will be happy to provide you with the contact person for your university location.

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