Chair Department

We – that’s Nina, Sarah and Simon – are sitting in the main office of the federal representation of the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH). Our main task is to represent the ÖH externally, i.e. in public towards the media, politics and all other players in Austrian (educational) politics. We see ourselves as a team and fight together for better, progressive education policies.

Our daily work consists of a lot of networking and coordination work both within the ÖH and with external players such as representatives of the universities, works councils or education experts. Together with our press office, we design the public relations work of the ÖH. During appointments at ministries and other offices, we try to draw attention to students’ problems and fight for their solution.

The work within the Austrian National Union of Students federal body of Representatives is coordinated at the so-called Interref (Inter-Referatstreffen). Once a week, all units meet to report on current events and to jointly coordinate ÖH projects. If you have any questions for us, please just email us at or

The reports of the chair can be viewed here.



Austrian Student Union
Taubstummengasse 7-9, 4th floor
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Phone: +43/1/ 310 88 80 -15 or +43/1/ 310 88 80 -16
Nina Mathies
Sarah Rossmann
1. Vice Chairperson
Simon Neuhold
2. Vice Chairperson
Lily Wasserbacher

Tel.: 01/ 310 88 80 - 16

Ursula Kohlmaier

ÖH contribution refund
Tel.: 01/ 310 88 80 - 16

Simon Pfeifenberger


Elisabeth Böhm


Timm Breuer

Tel.: 01/ 310 88 80 - 28

Anna Mlak


Nadine Obermüller

Bulletin Board,
Fem queer f.rder pot, reception

Corinna Radakovits

Bulletin Board,
Fem queer f.rder pot, reception

The rules of procedure of the chairmen’s conference of university representatives (UV-Voko) can be found here: