20. September 2023

The Österreichische Hochschüler_innenschaft is looking for an officer in the Department of Economic Affairs.

What we do
The Department for Economic Affairs is the general contact for all economic matters of the ÖH. The department also has the task of familiarizing the volunteers with the requirements of management (HSG, management regulations, other resolutions, etc.) and supporting them in their projects in economic matters. The unit ensures that the processes here are more efficient and comprehensible for everyone. Another major task is advising university representatives on economic matters. Special attention is paid to university representatives at educational institutions where there is no student council.

The areas of work of the Economic Affairs Unit are:
– Budget planning, preparation of the annual budget and the annual financial statement of the ÖH
– Handling and underwriting of legal transactions for the ÖH and obtaining of offers
– Advising university representatives on economic matters
– Responsibility for accounting and financial management
– Negotiation and conclusion of cooperation, advertising and sponsoring agreements
– Handling of student liability and accident insurance

What we are looking for
– Expertise in budgeting, finance and accounting
– Interest in economic work
– Ability to work in a team and organizational skills
– Reliability
– Experience and interest in project work

The function fee is 750 € per month. In addition, the activity as a lecturer can be credited to various positions (study allowance, family allowance and, depending on the university, tuition fees).

Please send your application with CV and letter of motivation to and by 06.10.2023.

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