Family allowance

Information and Counseling

Generally, one parent can also receive family allowance for Students up to the 24. birthday or under certain conditions (e.g. completion of civilian or military service, pregnancy, presence of a disability, etc.) and until the 25th birthday. If your parents are not your main financial support, you may also be entitled to family allowance (for yourself).

You can find detailed information on the topic of “family allowance” in our social brochure. You can download and read the brochure online or order a print version free of charge in our ÖH-Shop. You can also find the application form for family allowance and other important forms in the forms section of the Social Welfare Department.

There are a number of complex rules that must be followed in connection with the family allowance. It is therefore highly recommended to inform yourself before you start your studies. You can contact the social department of your university under ÖH-Sozialreferate vor Ort or the social department of the Bundesvertretung der Österreichischen Hochschüler_innenschaft (ÖH) under Sozialberatung.

IMPORTANT INFO: Please note that you are only allowed to change your study program a maximum of 2 times and each change must be made at the latest after the 2. inscription. Otherwise, you will lose the family allowance forever or it will be temporarily stopped. In addition, you should also make sure that you achieve the necessary record of completed exams in the 1st year of study.