ÖH supports the demonstration at the University of Vienna

30. November 2022
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Renewed student protest shows urgent need for government action

Photo © Christopher Glanzl

Renewed student protest shows urgent need for government action

After there have already been demonstrations by students in Vienna and Graz in recent weeks against the current university policy of dealing with inflation, today there will also be a demonstration by students and staff of the University of Vienna. “Demonstrations, occupations and other actions currently emanating from students all over Austria show the great dissatisfaction with the current government policies within the student body. As a legal representation of interests, the ÖH therefore fully supports today’s demonstration at the University of Vienna,” says Keya Baier from the ÖH chairmanship team.

Under the motto “Finance your studies!” the students’ union at the University of Vienna calls for a demonstration. As with past demonstrations at other universities, the dramatic situation for students as a result of record inflation is at the forefront. Sara Velić from the chairmanship team once again draws attention to the demands of the ÖH: “For months now, our demands, such as a general rent cap or sustainable financing of universities, have been on the table, but the federal government simply ignores them. We students have had enough in the meantime. Many can no longer afford their lives and therefore urgently need support!”

The financial situation at the universities themselves is also an issue. Like many other universities, the University of Vienna is facing budget difficulties. This has already resulted in a freeze on tenders for personnel. “Students need clarity at long last about the state of university operations in the coming calendar year. Because we students are directly affected by impending university closures and cuts in teaching. We therefore call on Minister of Science Polaschek to ensure the funding of universities and teaching operations in full!”, concludes Boryana Badinska from the ÖH chairmanship team.

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