Attitude instead of fortress

22. March 2023

Escape. Human Rights Violations. Fortress Europe.
What is a daily reality at the EU’s external borders is hardly an issue at Austria’s universities.
But we want to change that. We – the SOS Balkanroute and the Austrian Student Union – go on tour with the brand-new documentary by Bonvalot & Pfeiffer “Shame Europe” to the universities in the federal states.
We bring witnesses, survivors of the Balkan route, sea rescuers, investigative journalists, trauma experts and human rights activists to you in the lecture halls in Vienna, Linz, Graz and Klagenfurt/Celovec!
Let’s break the silence about the shame of Europe, the graveyard of human rights at the EU’s external borders and spread the knowledge about the systematic violation of rights against refugees!

Come by!

1st panel discussion and film screening Vienna

Topic: “Border violence at the EU external borders”.
When: 22 March 2023, from 18:30
Where: Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, Lecture Hall 8, 1090 Vienna
Panel: Hamza (Balkan Route Survivor), Natalie Gruber (Border Violence Monitoring Networking), Anna Tillack (ARD South East Europe Studio in Vienna and Michael Bonvalot (Journalist and Author).
Film screening: Documentary: “Shame EUropa” by Michael Bonvalot and Niels Pfeiffer (35 min.)

  1. Panel discussion and film screening Linz
    Theme: “Solidarity counter perspective”.
    When: 27 March 2023, from 18:00
    Where: Cultural Association Ladies & Herrenstraße DH, Herrenstraße 5 , Linz
    Panel: (Christine Franz (SOS Balkanroute Upper Austria),Sr. Notburga Maringele (Tertiary Sisters Hall) Alexandra Stanić (Journalist, Influencer) and Michael Bonvalot (Journalist and Author)
  2. Panel discussion and film screening Graz
    Topic: “Rescue at sea is not a crime”.
    When: 29 March 2023, from 19:00
    Where: at Hasnerplatz 12 (Campus North), Graz
    Panel: Jakob Führmann (online/Seawatch), David Pichler (sea rescue activist)
  3. Panel discussion and film screening Klagenfurt
    Topic: “Balkan route
    When: 30 March .2023, 18h:00
    Where: Universitätsstraße 65/67, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
    Panel: Klaus Ottomeyer (trauma expert), (Petar Rosandić (SOS Balkanroute) Sanela Klepić (World travelers Center Integreat, Sarajevo), representative of ÖH

+++Admission free+++
+++On site shoes (size 39 to 43) can be donated for refugees on the Balkan route. +++

Together, let’s oppose the walls of incitement, the border barriers of racism and the growing shift to the right in Europe with facts, knowledge and humanity!

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