Works Council – Your voice in the ÖH.

Last works council election

A works council (BR) was elected for the employees of the Austrian National Union of Students (Bundesvertretung), most recently on December 10, 2019. Three employees are members of the Works Council and three employees are substitute members.

Members of the works council

The following employees are currently members of the Works Council:

  1. Agnes Wühr
  2. Andreas Wöckinger
  3. Heidemarie Matuschewski

Substitute members

  1. Plamena Aleksandrova
  2. Martina Ruess
  3. Karin Pfeiffer

Works council contact

If you are an employee of the Austrian National Union of Students (Bundesvertretung) and have a request to the works council, it can be reached at the following e-mail address:

Your request will of course be treated confidentially.