What is the study grant

What is the study grant?

In principle, parents are obliged to provide for the financial needs of their children until they reach the age of self-support. If the parents or the students themselves are not in a position to bear the costs associated with the studies, the study support intervenes. The study grant can range from € 5 per month to € 923 per month. If you have children or are physically impaired, the allowance may be even higher.

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Prerequisites for receiving the study grant are in principle:

Social Needs:
This refers in particular to the income situation of parents and students. The more your parents earn or the more you earn, the less student aid you will receive.
Favorable Study Success:
This term includes a number of regulations on eligibility periods, record of achievement, change of study, and the like.

You can find more detailed information in our social brochure, which you can download or order free of charge.

You can apply for the study grant after self-support (Selbsterhalter_innen-Stipendium) if you have been self-supporting for four years and have received € 8,580 per year.
Attention! Due to the amendment in the Studienförderungsgesetz (StudFG) an annual income of € 10,692 must be available from the academic year 2024/2025! This is requested by means of an additional supplement to the application. The rules are the same as for the student grant, but your parents’ income does not matter here.

Here are all the necessary forms and and tips on how to apply.

The Office of Student Financial Aid is responsible for processing the application.


If you have questions about student aid, contact our Social Counseling Service.