Journal service queer_referat & unit for feminist politics

We, the department for feminist politics and queer_referat have a journal service on Wednesdays from 12-14h, where we can be reached by phone (+43 1 310 88 80 60), as well as in person. You can contact us, no matter if it’s about topics like discrimination at the university (by fellow students, teachers), questions about our library, help or support in organizing queer / queer_feminist / feminist events (also funding and space organization) or about networking with other groups, initiatives or projects.
Just drop by our unit!

  • Discrimination at the university (by fellow students, teachers)
  • Help and advice about our library
  • Help with organization at queer / queer-feminist / feminist events (also funding, space organization).
  • Networking with (other) groups, initiatives, projects



Department for feminist politics