Examples of special projects already supported

Regime. How dominance is organized and expression formalized

A book publication that emerges from a critical examination of (educational) regimes in the context of university protests. The editors include students and teachers from the Academy of Fine Arts.

How private is violence? Structural background to violence against women in the family and partnership
A panel discussion organized by students of the University of Salzburg on the occasion of the “16 Days against Violence against Women” in November 2012.

Time is hero
An exhibition by students of MultimediaArt at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. This dealt primarily with the relationship between the pursuit of happiness and one’s own handling of time and took place in May and June 2012.

In the sky
A film by students of the University of Music and Performing Arts. The protagonist Maya, a young Polish woman living in Vienna, is attacked one night and becomes a victim of sexual violence. On the one hand, she struggles with her traumatization; at the same time, she takes steps to resist being a victim.

Ecotrophelia Team Austria – Bug Box
The goal is to develop a sustainable, innovative, flavorful food product for a student product development competition. The planned product , “Bug Box” is to focus holistically on sustainability.

Crip Magazine
The journal project gathers contributions that in different ways question norms and societal, cultural views of bodily ideals and propose “alternatives.”

You know you
The project deals with the growing number of contemporary excesses around beauty standards and surgery. In this exhibition project, a room is recreated that is the fake fiction of a living space of a woman with whom YOU are acquainted through six corners, and who is to be sought.

AK-DISKU- critical-psychological event series
A group of psychology students organizes a series of events that convey socio-critical and critical psychological content as well as stimulate discussions.

The tunnel
An experimental film project by students of various courses for film, which would like to present itself in the national as well as international festival business. The story is told of a family whose members get lost on their way to an undefined location. The goal is never reached.

Western Regional Congress 2016
A geographer’s conference for students and young geographers on the theme of water. The goal is to find innovative and sustainable strategies for the responsible use of this valuable resource.

A booklet that casts queer feminist and de-colonial perspectives on development education work.

Say it Loud and Say it Clear
Book publication on the Refugee Protest Camp Vienna with the aim of contributing to participatory, anti-discriminatory, self-reflective, power-sensitive social research and to the reappraisal of the historically outstanding events of self-organization of refugees in Austria.

National Conference of Electrical Engineering
Conference for the networking of the electronics student associations from the entire German-speaking area.

Remembrance culture in Austria
Workshop to explore the various aspects of the culture of remembrance and commemoration in Austria with the aim of networking students and broadening perspectives.

SPITZ – a queer magazine
A magazine exploring “queer” Vienna in the form of portraits and reportages, free works, interviews, literary texts and illustrations.

Tutorial Project Congress 2016
Students of all Austrian universities should be enabled to deal with (uni-)political issues.

The aim is to bring together about 150 committed spatial planning students from all German-speaking universities. Based on the theme “Right to the City”, a series of workshops on the topic of “just” urban development is to be held.

Institute of Philosophy Graz under National Socialism
The object of the project is to critically examine the above-mentioned institute during the National Socialist era. The plan is to write a brochure and to have a critical discussion by presenting the brochure to the public.

Feminist SpringUni 2016
Feminist SpringUni 2016 aims to create self-determined spaces for critical engagement with feminist, women’s and queer issues and theories, to challenge entrenched structures and hierarchies, and to seek new possibilities and ways to question and change them. Feminist theories and issues will be addressed through a variety of formats.

Participation in the Global Negotiation Conference 2016 in Bern
Expected results : Improvement and exchange of experience regarding negotiation skills. Insight into migration mechanisms from different points of view: legal, political, economic. Network

The short film addresses attempts at political alliances in neo-liberal times, the ambivalence between real created recognition and inclusion and precarious (self-)exploitation and the search for a new language or utopia of the common.

Conference participation Sociolinguistics Symposium 2016
Participation in the conference offers students an excellent opportunity to present research results on an international level, to actively participate in the current research discourse, to get to know experts in the field, and to gain new insights.

Travelling cinema – nostalgia in the countryside
Packed into a unique, nostalgic cultural evening, awareness-raising does not take place with a raised forefinger, but rather forms a matter of course in the shared experience. The enthusiasm for the topics of film, culture, sustainability and integration unites the project team.

Onetake Challenge
The goal is to produce a 5 – 7 minute sequence as part of the Onetake Challenge of the film festival “Kino am Naschmarkt”.

ESTIEM Europe 3D Austro-Hungarian Empire
European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management
The aim of the event in Vienna is to strengthen the international cooperation and personal development of the students and to give them a European sense of community beyond the borders of the EU.

Drama as Disruption. Elfriede Jelinek’s Concept of Secondary Drama
The aim of the book project is to use the concept of disturbance to refer to the potential of texts to create disturbances on various levels that not only have a destructive effect on existing systems and orders, but also have a constructive effect and lead to existing orders being broken up and rigid demarcations being broken through.

On the division of work, doing, knowing, the sensual, the spaces and times
The symposium seeks to negotiate questions of apportionment beyond the individual case in individual papers, group discussions, and workshops. Accordingly, the aim of the project is an in-depth examination of the topic on the basis of theoretical contributions, case studies, and artistic approaches, both in terms of content as well as method and form.

Black frost
The subject of this project is the publication of an Afropolitan novel by Anakaona Melina Morr de Perez. A few years after Operation Spring and following the deaths of Marcus Omufuma and Seibane Wague, the goal of this project is to report on individuals and conflicts that otherwise continue to be marginalized in the media and books. It is about addressing social inequality and exclusion in our society and presenting a diverse view of contemporary urban life.

Images decolinization
The aim of the study is to contribute to the expansion of an understanding of Austrian involvement in colonialism and colonial thought patterns by taking into account the visual and discursive formations and aftermath of colonial projects in Austria.

Open:space 2016
In terms of content, this workshop teaches what is needed to organize welcoming and non-discriminatory events. In particular, it is about barrier-free access, anti-racist and anti-sexist celebrations, awareness work and generally the question of how political claims can be conveyed in events.

Spectacle Total! A play development by YZMA Theaterkollektiv
YZMA’s latest project is dedicated to the phenomenon of waste and the question of alternative forms of resistance in a Europe of a shift to the right. A play is being developed that looks both critically and with encouragement at contemporary democracy on a large scale and the individual realities of life on a small scale.

Welcome to the strawberry harvest
The brochure takes a transnational look at labor in agricultural production. Food, the production of food, land ownership and land grabbing, migration for labor along the European wage gap, these are all questions that allow us to look at social relations from a very simple object: food.

is an information and communication platform for independent project work in the field of art and culture. As an online platform, dasfundus.net is intended to provide tools for networking, exchanging information and resources (e.g. equipment), and conducting discourse. The project is accompanied by regular exchange meetings.

Ceremonial event “Feminisms today – humor and resistance”.
Anniversary event celebrating 35+1+1 years of the Women Advising Women Association, in which Freminist theory and practice in counseling and psychotherapy are made visible and put up for discussion.

Graduate Forum The Many Social Lives of Policy
The forum brings together students from Germany and abroad to discuss the social background and consequences of contemporary politics and multiple crises. The event is organized by and for students.

Study tour Munich
The aim of this study trip is to get to know Munich from its various facets and to make the most of the city’s cultural offerings. Furthermore, the possibility to get to know the history of the city and the university with its study conditions should be offered.

Daughters of Art – Who Makes Peace?
The current goal of the Daughters of Kunt is to create participatory, theatrical works that specifically address gender mainstreaming and the advancement of girls and adolescent women. The project “Who makes peace” aims to give young female asylum seekers the opportunity to deal with the topic of “peace and democratic thinking” in a playful way.

Intercultural workshop for students
The aim of the project is to impart sound and applicable knowledge in the areas of intercultural communication and interreligious competencies with a focus on Islam and Arab countries. Among other things, the workshop aims to avoid cultural misunderstandings and reduce prejudices.

Engaged Pedagogy – Anti-discriminatory teaching and learning at bell hooks.
The subject of this project is the publication of a study on “Engaged Pedagogy” that is the result of many years of theoretical and practical work in Critical Pedagogy and International Development with a focus on Cultural Studies, Black Feminism, and Postcolonial Theory.

Trash – Theorising the Popular
This project is a graduate conference that aims to make initial attempts at defining the complex socio-cultural phenomenon of “trash” and to create space for interdisciplinary exchange on this topic.

Simulation EU legislative process 2017
The simulation is open to all students and young adults. During 4 conference days the strengthening of the European idea and the intercultural exchange as well as the better acquaintance with the processes in the project European Union will be tested and experienced.

Future Work
An archival machine about the 2009 student protests that intervenes in public space and materializes collective memory practices, contextualizes video footage, and asks about traces of the past and its visions for the future.

Feminist Voices in Early Care and Education
The workshop aims to illuminate institutional early childhood care and education work from a critical, feminist perspective.

Dog&Fish – International Improv Festival
This project is an international improvisational theater festival, where groups from Sweden, Denmark and Canada, among others, are invited to Graz and show their skills in shows on stage every evening. During the day there will be workshops for those interested.

Greece and Austria since the 2nd World War – Political and Historical Connections
A four-part series of events on political and historical connections between Greece and Austria since the Nazi era, a cinema afternoon on ‘Women in Resistance in Greece’ and a closing party in solidarity with the ‘Hotel City Plaza’ Athens are planned.

81st Conference of the German-speaking Mathematics Student Councils
KoMa is a conference for networking and exchange of student representatives from German-speaking countries. Working groups are held on both study-discipline-specific and higher education policy issues, and resolutions are also passed.

Welcome to my precariat
A performance that deals with different precarious living realities of and with women in Vienna. A work that addresses the question of what it actually means to live precariously.

When The World Comes To An End, Move To Vienne … Because Everything Happens There 20 Years Later
An afro-futuristic piece about rssism and fear of the future. In 1999, London DJane Eunikoro Rhensarai gets into her time machine. She wants to go back to 1974, but something goes wrong and instead she ends up in a Viennese Afro barbershop.

Magdalena’s laboratory – feminist and activist theater of the oppressed
In a 3-day workshop, participants will use playful and creative methods and techniques from the Theater of the Oppressed to explore different forms of oppression, specifically patriarchal and sexist. The aim is to make mechanisms of violence visible, to reflect on one’s own norms and patterns, and to actively try out new options for action.

IntoTech is an IT conference for technology enthusiasts and those who want to become one. A variety of presentations and workshops are designed to create an open space for ideas and networking, bringing more people into the IT community.

Dance the literary study. 2nd Science Slam of Viennese Comparative Literature
The aim of this project is to present one’s own research in a short time in an unusual and concise way: alone, in pairs or in groups, one may perform and dance, sing and jump, paint and make things, monologue and dialogue. In a maximum of six minutes, a research subject should be made understandable to the audience.

iGEM 2017 – Colibot
As part of an international competition in the field of synthetic biology, the goal of the project, the construction of a bacterially controlled robot, will be worked on. All results are scheduled to be presented at MIT in Boston in November 2017.

Austrian translators in exile
An anthology that makes visible the independent research work of students and considers individual biographies in their entirety from a translation history perspective. The publication makes a valuable contribution to the history of translation and research on translators, and draws attention to translators who have been pushed into the background and into oblivion.

Art History Festival 2017
The festival is intended to provide students of art history and related subjects with an opportunity for non-academic, in-depth study of art history and for Austria-wide networking. Insights into professional fields are also to be made possible. To this end, a variety of program items will be offered in the form of workshops, talks, guided tours, and studio visits.

Book Project: Doomsdayers of the Occident – Ideology and Reception of the Neo-Fascist Identitarians
In the planned anthology, the aim is to undertake a critical analysis of this self-staging, to penetrate its ideologems analytically, and to relate them to other forms of right-wing extremism. To this end, social-psychological, ideology-culture-critical and political-economic approaches, as concretized in critical theory, will be combined.

Can stones speak?
An audio walk across the Nibelungen Bridge in Linz. Both the bridge , and the so-called bridgehead buildings, where the Linz Art University is located, were built starting in 1938, partly under Nazi forced labor. The walk aims to inform about this context of origin, and to point out continuities of social exclusion.

Flowers of Evil/Decolonial seeds
Flowers of evil/Decolonial seeds is a reseach and exhibition project that examines various dimensions of control and exploitation of plants and in particular, the related economic interests.it brings forward the commodification of plants as a colonialist endeavor in both historical and present aspects. the project consists of an exhibition, a workshop, and a panel discussion.the invited artists present their work in different media such as painting, video installation, graphic and text that invite to rethink notions of ecology, biopiracy and neocolonialism.

Competition on the world market – effects on the food system
Workshops matching the title will be offered to help participants get started before the panel discussion titled “Lack of Perspective and Compulsion to Switch in Agriculture?” To offer inputs on the subject matter.

Femenistic apprach to fantasies
The goal of this project is to shoot a short documentary about pornography. The question here is how pornography can be portrayed to show women’s fantasies and demands and how women’s freedom can be represented.

DIY guide for sustainable self-managed events
The goal of this project is to create a participatory guide that can be used for sustainable events, festivals, (climate) camps, … can be used. For example, the guide includes recipes for 100% degradable products and low-cost sustainable alternatives for cleaning products. The guide promotes food sovereignty, supermarket independence and environmental protection.

Book project: Migration as an educational resource
The author asks what strategies young migrants, due to problematic social and family constellations at school age, develop that are later advantageous for their educational career and career.

Turn Conflict into Drama
A conference is planned that will bring together theater groups of and working with refugees, academics and NGOs to discuss the challenges of theater work as a positive catalyst for social developments.

THINK3 – Conference for the networking of critical scientists
The Think Conference aims to provide a platform for transdisciplinary, scientific exchange and to stimulate informal discussions about science and its social and political context.

International Conference & Exhibition “Fucking Solidarity”: critical approaches to the promise of queer consciousness.
Activist-scholarly international conference and exhibition on queer solidarity with lectures, workshops, performances, lecture-performances, round-tables, readings, panel discussions, open space, keynotes. Geographic focus is on post-Soviet and post-colonial spaces.

FemPush: Conference for Feminist Discourse, Practice and Self-Empowerment
The three-day conference aims to provide a space for current feminist debates that is accessible to all and not exclusive. The aim is to create a network of local, already existing feminist institutions in order to promote feminist work beyond the conference.

Oueer feminist (Thai) boxing camp
The queer feminist (Thai) boxing camp offers FLITQ people who are interested in queer-fem. Self-defense, martial arts and sports inspire, a unique opportunity in the German-speaking world and beyond to exchange and network.

Info day “Law engaged” – alternative legal career fair
The Info Day is intended to be an opportunity for students to learn about organizations and institutions that work legally on social and environmental issues. The relevance of these fields of activity should be emphasized and the possibility of networking opened up.

Many Peaces Magazine: Content Development Workshops and Writing Workshop
As part of this two-part workshop series, all authors will be invited to a content development workshop as well as a writing workshop in a first step. In a second step, the editorial team meets for a three-day editorial retreat. The goal of the project is to further develop the magazine’s content and editing, as well as to strengthen the authors’ writing skills through peer feedback.

The aim of this international competition is to realize a project in the field of synthetic biology, which also has reference to the general public. In the process, funding, planning, and implementation in the lab must be done by students.