Aid up, worries down!

Statement on the amendment

Despite an unbelievably short review period of 12 days, we have contributed to the legislative process for the new study grant by means of a detailed parliamentary statement. Unfortunately, the government has built in very little of our demands, so we will fight for higher aid & less worry!

You can find the full statement here.

Open letter

Just a few days ago, on April 27, the federal government presented a draft for an amendment to the student grant. This amendment is strongly needed in view of the strong inflation. However, the draft law is far from containing the changes that would have been necessary and some deteriorations that will make it more difficult for many students to receive aid.

If you would also like to campaign for better student aid, support our
open letter

Demand paper for a new study support

The Studienförderungsgesetz, or StudFG for short, regulates student grants by law. The study grant was introduced in Austria to enable working-class children to study. Especially in such an unjust education system as in Austria, where education continues to be so strongly inherited, the grant system is one of the most important means for the Austrian National Union of Students to ensure a little more justice.

However, there is much to improve about student aid. Still countless students do not receive student aid for various reasons, such as their nationality. The impact of the pandemic has made us feel all the more acutely in recent years that student aid does not protect far too many of us from poverty.

That is why we, the Austrian National Union of Students, are sure: Our aid can do more!
We need a student grant that supports many more students and also really protects them from poverty. It’s time to articulate big visions for a better StudFG.

Therefore, the Austrian National Union of Students, together with many experts in the field of social security during studies, has drafted a demand paper in which strategies for the amendment of the StudFG are laid down. You can view this here.