The university representation

All matters of representation work at the individual universities are handled by the local university representation of the respective universities, universities of applied sciences, universities of education and private universities.

The highest body of the university representation is the university representation meeting, which must meet two times per semester, analogous to the meeting of the federal representation. Depending on the election results, the candidate lists/factions send their mandataries to the university representation, whereby 9 and 27 mandates are to be assigned.

If none of the running groups has won an absolute majority, two or more groups have to join together to form a coalition, which will then form the executive at the respective university (e.g.: the ÖH Uni Wien, the ÖH Joanneum or the ÖH PH Wien).

As at the federal level, there are also various thematic committees at the university level, to which the list/factions send delegates depending on the election results.

The ÖH work at the respective university is carried out by the executive board and happens primarily in units and working areas, whereby here, too, department heads must first be elected by the meeting of the university representation.

You can find the contact details for your local representation under ÖH Map.