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Social Funds

The Austrian Students Union (ÖH) offers all students that encounter unforeseen financial emergencies the opportunity to receive a one-off payment every 12 months. You can find further information HERE.

Funding Pool for Special Projects

If you ever wanted to realize some kind of project - now is your chance! With the Funding Pool for Special Projects the ÖH supports students in realizing their ideas. We offer financial support as well as administrative help within the scope of our possibilities. You can find further information HERE

FEM/QUEER - Funding Pool

A major objective of the ÖH is to advocate equality. Therefore, we promote research in gender studies. Every student working on a scientific paper or project in this field is eligible to receive financial aid. You can find further information HERE.

Funding Pool for Accommodation

Dorm life is about so much more than housing. Wether it’s representing the residents needs, organizing cultural or sporting activities or creating space for parties and other events - we greatly value these efforts, which is why we created this funding pool. You can find further information HERE.


For more information concerning the orientation week at the beginning of each semester and other tutorials take a look at the Homepage.

Funding Pool of the Federal ÖH Offices

The Austrian Students Union is divided into different offices (e.g. for education policy, social policy, organization, etc.) that meet on a regular basis (= Interreferatstreffen). The collected federal ÖH offices share a funding pool to support projects that are of interest to all students. To receive funding for your project, you need to fill out the form and send it per mail to: Please do so at least one week before the next meeting takes place.