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The Austrian Students Union (ÖH) offers next to counseling a lot of other free services to make everything about student-life easier and more enjoyable. For more information please take a look at the following overview.

  • Ukraine Info - Support for people affected by the war in Ukraine
  • ÖH Survey Service - Service for the dissemination of surveys from students
  • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions - Do you have an urgent question about Covid-19 and your studies? Maybe you can find the answer in our FAQs!
  • Bulletin Board - Job, internship and housing board organized by the ÖH
  • Progress - Magazine of the Federal Austrian Students Union
  • ÖH-Helpline - Anonymous phone consultation by staff from the Austrian Association for Psychology
  • Social Funds - Sponsoring option for students suffering from current financial difficulties
  • ÖH-Corona-hardship fund- funding opportunity for students who have experienced financial hardship due to the effects of the Corona crisis
  • Studienplattform- “Platform for study programs”; synoptic view of all study programs including every academic institu-tion in Austria
  • ÖH-Newsletter - Newsletter about current projects or upcoming legislative amendments
  • ÖH Reminder - Get a text whenever important deadlines are coming up at your academic institution
  • ÖH-insurance - Accident and liability insurance for ÖH members
  • "Studieren Probieren" - Try out different study programs by visiting introductory lectures
  • Queer/feminist library - Broad collection of queer and feminist books, comics, magazines and DVD’S

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