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The Austrian Students Union (ÖH) offers all students that encounter unforeseen financial emergencies the opportunity to receive a subsidy in form of a one-off payment once every 12 months.

If you have questions or want further information you can visit us during our consultation hours, contact us by calling +43/1/310 88 80 -44 (or -45) or write an email to Furthermore, you can also contact the ÖH office for social policy at your academic institution. Consultation is for free and appointments are not required!

Kalender wird geladen

Twelve months must have passed before a student is eligible to receive another payment from the social funds. Emergencies could be caused by: the sudden increase of rent, expenses incurred for your studies, the need to provide for children, a one-off payment for a medical procedure or other, similar emergencies that where caused by some accident.

There are some requirements to receive financial aid from the social funds. To be eligible to funding, the applicant must live in social deprivation as defined by the guidelines, should not live in the same household as his/her parent(s), must prove an appropriate academic success in his /her studies and is exempt from funding if he/she receives the federal student grand. You can find the full guidelines HERE.

The social funds are financed by the federal delegation of ÖH, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (bmbwf) and the local delegation of ÖH at your personal academic institution by a third respectively.

To apply fill out the application form (see link bellow) and attach a copy of all the required documents. Please complete this form carefully as incorrect or incomplete requests must be rejected. You can turn the form in personally during the consultation hours at the ÖH office for social policy of your higher academic institution or per mail to the address below. Please note that the processing of the applications can take up to three months, but we try our best to be as fast as possible. The results will be automatically delivered by mail as soon as the form is processed.

Address & Contact Information:
Sozialreferat der ÖH - Bundesvertretung (Office for Social Policy of the Federal Austrian Students Union)
Taubstummengasse 7-9/ 4. Stock
1040 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: 43/1/310 88 80 -44 or -45

Important information: Dear students! Please do not send the application per email as printing them is highly time consuming and we want to be able to process the applications as fast as possible.