Life in the dormitory

Questions and answers about dormitories

Who is considered a student and is therefore entitled to a place in a student residence?

According to the Studierendenheimgesetz, students are all regular students of Austrian universities and universities of the arts as well as students of universities of applied sciences, (vocational) pedagogical academies, academies for social work and similar institutions. Non-degree students who are preparing for the university entrance qualification examination or who are enrolled in a university course with the aim of starting a degree program are treated equally to the above-mentioned students as are recipients of scholarships from public-law corporations.

How do I secure a place in a home?

Basically, the earlier the better, because there is always demand for home places. Therefore, it is advisable to write to several student residences in question 6-12 months before the start of your studies.
The place in the dormitory itself is secured by signing a contract of use with the respective student dormitory _ in.

What must be included in this contract of use?

It must contain information about the home, the contract period, notice periods, amount of the fee, deposit and the arbitration clause.

How long is this contract valid?

Completion is for one year at a time (exception: 2 years at the beginning of the program at the request of the _ student). Thus, until the end of the average duration of the chosen study program, it is always possible to extend the period of study by one year if social need and favorable study progress (purposeful, serious study) are proven. However, a further extension is possible upon prima facie evidence of imminent completion. In addition, the period of use is extended by one semester for each two years of such activity for student _ ing or home representative _ ing.

Registering the home as a secondary residence and what is needed for this?

A move to the city in which the study takes place – but also within the city in which you pursue your studies – makes a registration necessary! The registration takes place at the registration office responsible for the respective district.

Sample home rules

“These sample home rules are intended to provide home representatives _ inside with a little help in creating one. According to § 16 of the Student Dormitory Act (StudHG), the rules of the dormitory shall regulate the smooth coexistence of the dormitory residents and the use of the dormitory. According to § 5 of the Student Dormitory Act (StudHG), the rules of the dormitory are an obligatory part of the user agreements.
On the one hand, we would like to point out that these sample home rules must of course be adapted to the circumstances in the respective home, on the other hand, that they have already been tested in practice and fulfill all requirements according to § 16 StudHG.

Many thanks to the spokesperson for the home4students student _ ing homes for making them available to us.”

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our home affairs officer, Christoph.
You are looking for the right dormitory for you, we have compiled a list of all dormitories in Austria.