Tenant receives her rent deposit of € 1,300 refunded

18. April 2020
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Persistence pays off: Tenant gets her rent deposit of € 1,300 refunded – application to the housing law conciliation board got the landlord to relent

Ms. C rents an apartment at the beginning of her studies, limited to 5 years, and has to pay a deposit of € 1,300 to the property management. After 3 years, Ms. C terminates the lease of the apartment by giving three months’ notice and returns the apartment in a proper condition. During the handover, no major defects are found and the property management promises that the deposit will be returned soon.

Everything was going correctly until Ms. C asked for her deposit back. After the apartment has been returned, the property management is difficult to reach and the tenant is put off with flimsy reasons. Neither a written reminder, nor di direct approach will help. Finally, Ms. C is even turned away by the property management at the intercom.

But she does not let go – Ms. C seeks the free support of the housing law counseling of the Österreichische Hochschüler_innenschaft (ÖH). First, a clarifying letter is written to the property management. Since there is no reaction to this either, the ÖH housing law counseling helps Ms. C to file an application for the return of the deposit with the “housing law arbitration board”.

Due to the clear situation and the request by the tenant, the property management finally reacts and refunds the deposit in full – even before the first oral hearing. The student lives the success strategy for tenants: Persistence leads to success!

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