Social Affairs and Money

Students are often plagued with financial worries in their daily lives and social security for students is usually very unstable.

This is where you can find information about the ÖH insurance, where you can make claims in case of damage or liability when connected to your studies. The ÖH Sonderprojekttopf (special projects funds, information in German) can be very helpful if you need financial support for projects within the scope of your studies.

The scholarship and grant calculator (German questions) offers you support in finding out whether you are entitled to grants. The category Rund ums Geld (currently German only) offers information about tuition fees, grants, scholarships, benefits, insurance and debt counselling.

The section about Wohnbeihilfe (housing benefit) gives advice on how to reduce your rent. The ÖH Social Fund can lend you a hand when you're at a dead end.

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